Pagan Bagels بيغلز پيليو وڤيغن

  I regularly do bagels as they offer great quick meals, simply heat/toast, cut, and stuff and you’re good to go. Through the years I tried many recipes with almond or coconut  flour, using eggs normally to bind flours. Although they were good baked breads, still the texture was with to soft or two hard,…

Let’s make the tasties and healthies vegan Bounty bar period   باونتي بارز صحية خالية من الالبان 

This is a snapchat session that I made earlier preparing moc Bounty Bars  and vegan jackfruit curry with cauliflower rice   من ڤيديوات السناپ چات اللي تم فيها عمل بديل للباونتي بار خالي من الالبان والسكريات المكررة اضافه لطبق نباتي اخر هو كاري الجاك فروت مع ارز القرنبيط